Another Radio Group Develops Cumulitis

Ask the employees of KGO, San Francisco if they’d rather have Cumulus run their cluster or whether they’d give anything to get former Citadel CEO Farid Suleman and Judy Ellis back.

The Dickey Brothers have been brutal to local radio.

They’re quick on the trigger to fire people and have a small group of trusted henchmen carrying out orders.

Plus lots of cockamamie ideas to gut local programming – no matter how iconic a station may be – for cheap programming solutions.

I’m here to tell you that the destructive Cumulus game plan is so popular with investment banks and greedy owners that another radio group is getting a bad case of Cumulitis – the disease that eats away at a radio station while lining the pockets of chief investors.

And even good groups are now open to some of their policies.

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  1. The latest major group to go over to the “dark” side.
  2. A total of four radio groups that are now adopting Cumulus tactics and policies.  Some are damn good which worries loyal radio people.  Here’s who they are.
  3. Specific ways these companies are becoming more like Cumulus.
  4. How long can good, local and people-friendly radio groups hold out until even they succumb to Cumulus operating policies.

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