Another Blockbuster Acquisition Target for Cumulus

We know two of the biggest takeover targets that Cumulus has in mind  – perhaps as early as this coming year.

Now, your jaw will drop when you hear the third potential source of new stations – at least if you’re working at one of these potential Cumulus acquisitions.

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1.  The last place you would ever think Cumulus could go to buy stations – some financial people are warning they could go there.  This would be big.

2.  The strategy behind Crestview and Oaktree Capital upping its investment in Cumulus even as the radio industry ends the year as a 1% growth business.  What does Crestview and Oaktree know that we don’t?

3.  How can it be that Cumulus’ share price is only about $3 but venture capitalists are rushing to buy even more of Cumulus.

4.  The real reason Cumulus must buy more stations in the next 12 months or else they’re in big trouble.

5.  Why cutbacks are back on the table again at all Cumulus outlets after the Citadel stations are initially downsized.

The answers start here.

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