An Algorithm That Can Write News

This is an amazing story I can’t wait to share with you.

But don’t tell Lew Dickey or he’ll be on the phone dialing for dollars before he launches the new Cumulus all-news format he’s planning for Atlanta and eventually beyond.

Okay then, it’s just between us, right?

I’m going to tell you about a company that has developed an algorithm that can actually replace real, live, breathing, educated news reporters.

Scott Herman, stop!!!  Don’t read this, either.

The prospect of news being written in an instant by an algorithm is both really neat and scary at the same time.  I know you’ll want to be first to get the no-nonsense scoop on this technology.

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1.  How computer-based algorithm news writing actually works, which company developed it and just how good can an algorithm write a news story.  I’ll tell you this – they can do in a split second – take a look at this and you tell me how good it is. Employers also don’t pay for health care.

2.  Where an algorithm writing news, sports and weather can actually fit into media and how we must all change to be more valuable and more creative than an algorithm.  (I’m starting a free blog on this soon for my readers, more in today’s article).  An algorithm can’t write a “teaser” like this, can it? 

3.  If “All Algorithm News All The Time” can happen, can Siri read the stories?  Seriously?  Click through and find out.

4.  What is more important than a college degree (or even Masters) going forward if algorithms like this one are going to find a place in the media business – and believe me, they are.

5.  Where you can learn more to keep you ahead of the trend that most people don’t even see coming.  Great source material with a link you’ll really appreciate.

The answers begin here.

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