7-Eleven or Facebook?

7-Eleven as a social network?

You’ve got to be kidding me.

After what I’ve found out and I am about to share with you, I’d own 7-Eleven stock before Facebook.  (I told you not to buy Facebook!)

More importantly, 7-Eleven is getting it right about social media and there is a lot the music industry and radio could learn from a convenience store.

Oh thank heaven for 7-Eleven!

But first, imagine how shocked I was to hear that 7-Eleven used social media so effectively in Asia where they actually attract customers to hang out in their stores. 

Shocked, because I just can’t imagine hanging around a 7-Eleven in New Jersey except maybe to witness an in-store robbery or get mugged myself.

But I’m jaded.

Still, look at how 7-Eleven is outsmarting us.  And learn.

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1.  How 7-Eleven is turning outdated convenience stores into hang outs that greatly increase in-store sales and attract a preponderance of under-30’s.

2.  The music industry should be ashamed – 7-Eleven is doing live in-store concerts.  You read that right.  I’ll tell you what it means to us.

3.  The one mistake radio stations need to fix right now – stop doing this – to make social media help grow their audiences instead of clutter the air.

4.  Why a station can’t attract an audience the way a personality can – and how to go about it differently. 

5.  How to rethink radio social networking from asking listeners to choose the next lame song of the 30 on your corporate playlist to doing this which will ignite the masses to your brand.  

The answers begin here.

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