#1 Radio Biller WTOP’s Revenue Boosters

Bonneville’s WTOP, Washington has done the impossible.

It has just become the number one billing station in the country from market #9.

WTOP out billed some pretty impressive radio stations in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and other larger cities.

New York and LA together bill approximately half a billion dollars in a typical year – double what Washington bills as a market – making this victory most impressive.

And most instructional as WTOP strategy flies in the face of consolidated radio wisdom.

The news is impressive enough but headlines don’t tell the real story.

WTOP billed almost $60 million and that’s not counting their digital revenues that in the past have exceeded 8% of WTOP’s total billing.

In this article, I’ll reveal what things WTOP executives are doing that any station can do …

1.  How their content is different from 99% of America’s radio stations – and I’m not talking about their news format.

2.  How WTOP programs in the moment and cleans up with local advertisers.  All the details.

3.  An innovative listener/station connection that makes their fans addicted.  Read this and you can do the same thing with the same great results.

4.  How WTOP cashes in on websites and social media that other stations neglect.

5.  Is it possible to attract lots of non-radio advertisers to radio?  Bingo!  See how WTOP adds to its coffers by doing that instead of only chasing everyone else’s business.

6.  The one thing that WTOP sellers do that breeds fierce loyalty among advertisers and makes them addicted to the station.

7.  The most innovative strategy is right across the street.  I’ll name two of them in DC that WTOP has mastered and it will get your juices flowing.

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