Zero Dark Clear Channel 624

Now it is known.

Here’s how Clear Channel intends to pull off the firing of four employees per market when they can catch them most off guard.

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  1. The secret plan from a source close to Clear Channel corporate on exactly how CEO Bob Pittman will use shock and awe to complete the firing of 624 employees.
  2. How Pittman is trying to distance himself from the decision he personally made to exterminate a massive number of employees unexpectedly in the middle of the year.
  3. Even as you read this, people are working for Pittman to come up with a list of expendable employees.  The down low on their dirty work.
  4. The one thing other than his own image, Pittman worries about the most.
  5. The surprising revelation of who will be the ones who will determine which employees get fired.
  6. And what everyone wants to know!  Is there any circumstance under which the four per market firing mandate can be rescinded if things get bad enough.  The surprising answer and the specifics.

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