YouTube Is The Next Radio

A survey of young people under 16 shows that the number one brand in their lives is YouTube.

YouTube beat out Hershey, Oreos and a bunch of other edibles but nothing is dearer to their hearts than YouTube.

If you have a young child, you already know this.

What you may not know is that YouTube – not radio, not traditional TV – is far and away the future of communication with this age group.

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  1. How YouTube stands to impact radio even as the industry has yet to figure out 18-34 year old Millennials.
  2. The surprising – and maybe shocking ways – the next generation is using YouTube.
  3. How teenagers are monetizing content by recording on an iPhone and selling product placement to radio advertisers.
  4. More revenue than most radio stations make from all their present digital initiatives put together.
  5. How long it takes a YouTuber to decide on whether to watch a particular video (take a guess).
  6. Advantages and one big disadvantage you will want to get ahead of.

The answers begin here.

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