YouTube Gate

Leave it to the record labels to be so desperate that they actually cheat on their metrics.

A lot of you have responded to my revelation a few days ago that media companies are buying Facebook “likes” from Bangladesh.

But that’s no joke.

Clueless radio companies are doing it to make their social media numbers bigger than they actually are.

And now this bombshell that the major record labels are cheating – let’s just put it out there – on the popularity of their artists’ social media numbers.

This is idiotic.

Maybe it makes them feel more powerful and mighty.

And maybe the stations doing this are pandering to media buyers who want some type of Arbitron service for new media because they’re lazy.

And face it, that’s the knock on media buyers.  They’re lazy.

I know lots of radio stations that think their social media efforts are world class because they aggregate content and race to the finish trying to get clicks and likes.

Good luck with that.

Two things.

You don’t want to be caught doing the things I’m about to share with you.

And, there is a better way to master social media and it’s legal and powerful.

A surefire better answer that brings you abundant and legal social media followers whether it’s a radio station or music artist.

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