Why Power 106 Will Eviscerate iHeart’s LA Hip-Hopper

I know – their ratings will go up before they go down.

But I know something most people don’t about this high profile battle of the penises in Los Angeles radio.

Size matters.

iHeart is now in the station-wrecking business full-time and has given up on building new stations of their own for the long haul.

They’re rehearsing in LA for what they plan to do to powerful stations in numerous formats and markets where iHeart can’t beat them.

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  1. Case study – how iHeart is systematically trying to ruin its hip-hop competitor Power 106 in LA rather than build a solid station.
  2. Repercussions if Big Boy who started on Real 92.3 Monday eventually loses to former nighttime jock now Big Boy replacement J Cruz – especially with iHeart paying him $3 million, a car and use of private aircraft.
  3. This wreck ‘em at all costs strategy comes all the way from the top of iHeart.  The types of stations nationwide they are targeting next.
  4. What works every time when iHeart tries to wreck a station rather than build a better competitor and what plays right into their hands and ruins your station.
  5. iHeart’s rest-of-the-day strategy for stations that are built to wreck competitor’s stations – know this and it all backfires on them.

The answers start here.

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