Why Cumulus Stock Is Suddenly Tanking

Looks like Wall Street knows something we don’t know.

It’s loaded with insiders who have been suddenly and consistently voting against Cumulus every day by selling their stock.

Cumulus has dived to a new 1-year low of $3.40 a share down from $8.08 a few short months ago.

The first clue of trouble in Dickeyland was when Cumulus’ big lenders forced Lew Dickey to start recruiting a number two man whose name doesn’t start with “D” and end with “y”.

Screw them, you say.

Wait up – what is about to happen to Cumulus is like Ebola to the entire radio industry as you’re about to see.

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  1. Caught!  Lenders are finally on to this worst practice evident at Cumulus.
  2. But CBS Radio is no better – sources close to the situation say if you don’t like CBS cutting ad rates by 50%, you will hate what they are about to do.
  3. Cumulus is being blind-sided by the scam artists formerly known as Clear Channel – here is how iHeartMedia is making life unbearable with this payback for the Dickeys.
  4. Tons of spots and crappy content is begging iHeartMedia to rename one of its stations “All Spots Radio” – yes, whopping 12 minute stop sets every half hour revealed here.
  5. Don’t laugh – how US Airways has the solution to radio’s revenue problems.       Steal it.

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