Who the DOJ is Calling About the CBS Merger

If you listen to the unofficial hype surrounding Entercom’s CBS merger, you’d think that the DOJ is just going to rubberstamp it and move on.

But what’s really happening is that the DOJ is conducting the due diligence that is its job and now we’re getting a look at what their bone of contention may be.

I thought you might like to hear the questions their asking.

Even Entercom isn’t aware of what you’re going to read here.

  • Who the DOJ is calling and what they want to know.
  • Their surprising answers they are hearing about their concerns.
  • Chances that the latest DOJ concerns could slow up approval of the merger or change the terms.
  • Why is the DOJ snooping around this merger.
  • Could it be that the DOJ might trim back the merger as being too anti-competitive in an industry that is already dominated by two conglomerates.

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