Which 624 Clear Channel Employees Will Get Whacked

The Clear Channel layoffs are still on.

The Board has refused to rescind authorization of massive mid-term layoffs.

We’re now learning more about how these massive cuts – some 7% of the current workforce – will be made.

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  1. The model Clear Channel has used at its outdoor division that has enabled them to cut their workforce by one-third since Bain took over.  Keep an eye on how it works.
  2. The role of local management in deciding who gets fired – with a surprising new twist.
  3. The over/under on two implementation plans – one big firing all at once like the Christmas 2012 layoffs or 624 departures done under the radar in a progressive period of time. 
  4. The only thing that is keeping these massive layoffs from happening immediately as CEO Bob Pittman has demanded.
  5. What everyone is talking about!  What’s the new target date?  How much time is left to find a new job?

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