What Radio Groups Are Hiding

Here’s what those cheap bastards ruining the radio industry don’t want you to know.

You’ll laugh so hard until you cry.

Or you’ll just cry because these real events actually happened and radio groups have been covering them up.

Until now.

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  1. The new way Clear Channel cuts back expenses when they DON’T bring in a syndicated national personality and keep a local morning show live. 
  2. How one group takes cutting expenses to new heights (or depths) by choosing cheaper music that can save money on their simultaneous streams.
  3. Wal-Mart is getting hammered for asking its poorly paid employees to give to the needy this holiday season.  Now this radio group that pays shit for money is hiding behind its own version of charity and making it a big on-air promotion.
  4. Oh no, tell me it ain’t so – one of radio’s best groups took a page out of Clear Channel’s playbook to save on salary.  This tactic is catching on everywhere.
  5. Exposing the iHeartRadio version of that great contest Christmas Wish that requires a lawyer to understand it and the luck of a lottery winner to win a prize.
  6. How Cumulus is taking billing away from local stations sending it directly to corporate instead and then requiring local stations to make the amount they stole locally in an already-challenged ad market.

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