What Lew Dickey Is Hiding

Another masterful job by Lew Dickey putting lipstick on a pig.

I guess he doesn’t know that even some analysts are privately laughing at him when he spins the latest quarterly underachievements.

But Lew is actually telegraphing his next moves if you read between the lines.

And they aren’t pretty.

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  1. Which formats will be branded, removed from local control and local employees dismissed.
  2. Which formats will not make the cut.
  3. The future of the Cumulus partnership with the low rated CBS Sports Radio Network.
  4. The fate of the Right Now Traffic revenue Dickey failed to provide figures for in the fourth quarter of 2013.
  5. No padding!  The real performance numbers for Cumulus when comparing apples to apples courtesy of a Wall Street analyst.
  6. That Cumulus debt!  How it compares to Clear Channel’s $21 billion and in relation to the best run radio groups (also named).

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