What I Mean By Disrupting Radio

Did you see Jeff Bezos on 60 Minutes Sunday?

He’s talking about a drone that could not deliver a bomb, but a package you ordered through Amazon Prime in 30 minutes within five years.  That idea is the bomb!  If he can do it.  (See an Amazon video on how this disruption would work here).

And disruption is about forcing yourself out of the same old thinking that allows competitors to erode your business.

We radio people tend to get uncomfortable even when we know it is past due to shake up terrestrial radio big time.

Where are our drone ideas?

I’m not being funny here.

Take John Legere, the oddball CEO who took T-Mobile from the graveyard to success after its merger with AT&T was blocked by the DOJ.

He comes along and makes the other sorry looking mobile carriers look, well – old fashioned and out of touch in a high tech world.

Comes up with a plan to let customers pay for their phones separately and just buy mobile service from T-Mobile.

A new phone after six months.

200 MB of free data monthly for tablets on the T-Mobile plan.

He has turned the weakest company into an “un-carrier” and the only one that is attracting new customers – 600,000 wireless subscribers for the second quarter in a row of positive growth.

Why are we not stoked to do the same thing for radio?

When I talk about disruption people mistakenly believe that means throwing grenades at radio.  As you will discover, that’s not it at all.

Disruption is even better.

I wish I had your problems – terrestrial stations in a digital era.  Imagine the fun I could have disrupting all those poor digital entrepreneurs who have kind of fallen into a rut of their own.  Lucky for them traditional media is too scared to attack themselves.  So, they let digital competitors do it.

That’s why I love to do my annual Media Solutions Conference and why I hope this will be the year you put aside one day to stoke your disruptive competitive fires.

Just us – together. 

I’m not doing panels.  Not letting sponsors waste your time.  We roll up our sleeves and get to work. 

Reserve a seat.  Bring your best people.  Let me help you unlock a future that can include growth and upside potential.

This year I am focusing on 7 strategic areas that should help radio stations rethink their opportunities in the digital world in which we live.

Check it out.