What Happens To Dickey’s Posse Now


  • How about brother John – is there anyway Jeff Marcus’ new CEO would keep the current programming “genius” – say for transition purposes.
  • Both Dickey brothers were reportedly seen cleaning out their offices. Take a look at their future plans.
  • McVay? Does he stay or does he go – and when.
  • Jan Jeffries – rumor has it that Jeffries has something over the Dickeys that kept him employed. Will Lew’s successor feel the same way?
  • And what about the guy many Cumulus employees feel is public enemy number one – Gary Pizzati. A role in the new management scheme under one of the possible job candidates to replace Lew.
  • Some market managers are outta there when Lew leaves – how long will they have.
  • Plus, two job candidates who could replace Lew as CEO where it would actually be better to keep Lew (can’t believe I said that, but it’s true). Here’s who you don’t want Jeff Marcus to choose.

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