Turn Around Declining Time Spent Listening

It’s down 3% over the past year according to Nielsen.

Monthly reach is barely up 0.5% but at least it isn’t down.

Can we be honest here?

Radio can’t have any decent TSL with up to 16 minutes of commercials an hour.

Not possible even if we air the best programming ever.

And not possible loading two 8 minute stop sets with lots of 10’s, 15’s and 30’s plus promos and other clutter.

Think about just that.

Time to deal with how to get the revenue on-air without chasing listeners away.

That’s why this is going to be discussed at my March seminar in Philly.

There are better ways.

  1. Clump the 10’s and 15’s in one stop set but be careful of one potential stumbling block.
  2. Stop down more often. A music sweep is a program director’s fantasy.       Listeners like interruptions – I’ll give you the generational evidence that more stops sets will increase TSL.
  3. Remove promos from stop sets – no one hears them anyway. There’s a better way. Two better ways.
  4. Change the way you talk to audiences – this is an entire separate area of discussion and it deserves to be.
  5. Make different commercials. Come on – it’s just you and me – radio commercials suck. They are unlistenable. And yes, local stations can change that. I’m going to share with you what my USC students working in a project told radio stations to do – and they would listen.
  6. More live reads – listen to how you can make these really short and effective.
  7. Use two voices – proven evidence that two voices make commercials more listenable and better.

If you’re serious about making headway against declining time spent listening, join the discussion on eliminating one giant impediment.

Here’s a look at some of the other topics we’ll discuss at the Philly conference:

  • What You Need To Know About Reimagining Radio – Changing the way the programming is delivered. The end of the quarter hour mentality that ironically will win more quarter hours. Great opportunities for music and spoken word formats.
  • Mastering Digital – What Works, What’s in the Pipeline – Separating digital from on-air to get the best results.          
  • Protect Your Station Against Competitors Who Drop Their Rates – The way to put a stop to competitors dragging down your station’s rates.
  • Latest Breakthroughs For Attracting Money Demos – No risk ways to make radio cool again to younger listeners who are turned off by lots of commercials and too much repetition of music.
  • Changing the Way We Talk To Audiences – 5 things you can do right now to make your station sound more authentic to younger listeners.
  • Key Strategies To Protect Your Radio Station – Digital, podcasting, streaming music services and the digital dashboard are four challenges that we will answer.
  • New Content Businesses Ripe For Radio – Startups content providers can start either as part of a radio station’s business or as an independent company.
  • Salvation for AM Stations – Format ideas that are so much more attractive that even young people will find how to turn on an AM station.
  • FM Protection Against Streaming Music Services – How to hamstring popular services like Spotify, Pandora and YouTube so that they cannot compete with your local radio station.
  • The Trick To Real and Lasting Success For News/Talk/Spoken Word – The bad news is doing talk and news the way it is now being done is a death sentence. The good news as you will hear is that young listeners love the spoken word – they just don’t like radio’s way of doing it. Here’s the alternative.
  • Dire Warning About Podcasting – I get that everyone is enamored of podcasting, but it is not broadcasting and there are these serious repercussions for radio stations who fall for it.
  • The Best New Radio Format No One Is Doing – This alone is worth the price of admission. A radio format that Millennials will eat up – for innovative stations only because you’re going to have to have an open mind.
  • Expanded Group Questions & Answers – An entire segment devoted to your questions. 


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