The Walking Dead

The radio industry could learn a lot from Zombies (and I’m not talking about John Hogan).

AMC, the little TV network that could, has the number one cable show and I’m talking about the coveted money demo of 18-49.

How does a traditional TV network hit this audience payload? 

You can do it too.

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  1. Throw away the clock and structure each hour exactly the way you’ll read about here.  Warning:  this is real different.
  2. Blow up those 8-minute commercial stop sets and replace them with something so good that advertisers will pay a premium for them.  Here it is.
  3. Disrupt boring old music radio stations by putting this stick of dynamite into your format.
  4. What’s a bigger hit record than the most requested song on your station?  Play this as often as you play that.
  5. Seriously, be a Zombie.  Here’s how.  Millennials love them.
  6. The number one goal for engaging an audience in the digital age.

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