The Terror of Tom Schurr

I want my John Hogan back! 

And you will, too when you hear this.

Right now Tom Schurr is working on carrying out Bob Pittman’s recent execution orders to layoff another 0.5% of salaries only two weeks into the New Year.

But that’s not all.

We’ve been able to isolate four key areas that will be devastated by this new Clear Channel pit bull who has been given his orders.

Now you will know them.

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  1. Current and ex-Clear Channel employees dish on Schurr’s expected management style. 
  2. Schurr’s alleged own comments on workers expecting Clear Channel to be “a happy place”.  This says it all about what to expect.
  3. In their own words, employee examples of how Tom Schurr lacks John Hogan’s Dale Carnegie skills!  WTF -- Hogan had human relations skills?
  4. Depends Alert!  Which Cumulus minion is the closest thing to a cross between Schurr and Mr. Burns.  You’ll lose it, but you’ll agree.
  5. What Bob Pittman loves about Schurr that made Hogan expendable.
  6. Schurr’s marching orders revealed!  The 4 key and destructive things Schurr will be directed to do before he is fired – and he will be.

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