The Sony Pictures Mess

I know, you think Sony Pictures giving in to North Korean cyber terrorists over the movie The Interview is a First Amendment issue.

That, too.

But it’s really a testimony to the crap media companies pass off as content these days.

The Interview was a stiff according to numerous early reviews – a sure loser even if it included the assassination of the North Korean leader for life.

If you’ve been on another planet, Sony pulled the picture after threats from apparent North Korean hackers that they would blow up theaters that screened the movie if Sony didn’t pull it.

Well, guess what – they did.

President Obama called them out for it.

And I’m wondering, did anyone in this country of ours consider that we don’t stand for anything anymore.

What if the movie was an Angelina Jolie smash?

Would Sony have backed down?

Why do newspapers avoid doing investigative journalism when they need a reason to exist?

Of course, expensive lawsuits.

Why does the radio industry consistently fire the most important show on the air – the morning show – to save money?

It’s all about the money, that’s why.

This is unfortunate for the remaining independent companies that really want to do good content.

Companies that will standup for their talent and their audiences.

It’s getting tougher for these good people to operate in a world where money rules and creative art takes a backseat.

Imagine Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel today.

Lee and Bain would own it.

They would make him use the cheapest paint and Bob Pittman would oversee the project.

Michelangelo would likely have to follow venture capital “best practices” which is corporate horseshit for no help and no support and he’d probably have to paint Coke bottles all over the ceiling in between angels.

Alright, my point is that for those of us who want to do good content, it’s tougher – a lot tougher – but by riding the wave of generational preferences not fighting it – we can innovate and succeed.

That’s the goal every year for my Media Solutions Conference.

If you’re focused on audiences and doing right by advertisers, I hope you take a look at the list of things we’re going to get into on March 18th in Philly.

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Let’s sink our teeth into these topics …

  • Better radio, stronger digital
  • How much radio, how much digital
  • Storytelling – Millennials’ hot new obsession
  • How to get audiences to listen to songs all the way through – face it, they don’t and yet we’re building our entire station on the concept of music sweeps.
  • What Millennials want the most -- Authenticity, no hype, consensus not confrontation, respect, trust & fairness, dreams (all the way from changing the world to building a better life), fun to be with and openness and diversity in programming & advertising. Now … here’s how to deliver them.
  • Eliminating radio’s 3 biggest weaknesses – repetitious music, too many lousy commercials, outdated morning shows.
  • Addressing radio’s biggest objections – too many commercials, repetitive playlists and not enough music discovery, morning shows that suck, stupid contests and promotions, too much hype. Damage control.
  • Radio’s 75 million baby boomers, 95 million Millennials – what to do?
  • Both music discovery AND ratings – how to add 2/3 more new music and not lose listeners.
  • Beware of the digital dashboard – It turned out to be a Pandora’s box, sorry about that – but you know what I mean. A better Plan B.
  • Forget other stations, YouTube is your competitor. Change your focus.
  • Creating Binge Radio Content – yes, just like Netflix.
  • Radio’s answer to on-demand – not doing the service elements of a morning show that stations love but listeners now get on their phones. On to exclusive new content that can’t compete with a phone.
  • Millennial mistakes you don’t want to make – change the way you do commercials, talk to listeners differently, taking audience bingeing seriously, kill the 8 minute stop set before it kills you, don’t use social media to promote, ditch voice tracking and syndication, play games – hey, this is the gaming generation -- don’t brand or promote make personalities your “brand”.
  • Start a video revenue stream – I’m doing it, let me show you how you can too for the same pennies I’m committing.
  • What’s in the pipeline for radio – Is it really throwback hip-hop or something we’re missing.
  • Taking back market share from below average digital competitors.
  • Instagram is killing Facebook, but here’s what’s the next big thing in social media.
  • 2 things today’s radio audiences cannot resist – service and humility. Discuss.
  • If you’re thinking of leaving radio – make millions creating short form video like this.
  • Not ready for major changes, at least do this -- refresh your radio station using a can’t fail checklist.
  • Protect your station against competitors who drop their rates – it’s the biggest danger to independent stations and groups in 2015.
  • Expanded group questions & answers – You fire the questions that matter most -- we load you up with solutions.

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