The Shocking Truth About Radio’s Tornado Response

Tornadoes are still sweeping across the country with record death tolls and destruction. 

Radio is receiving all the accolades.

But it shouldn’t be.

The radio industry is this close to a disaster in the making and the only reason it hasn’t already happened is because a few local operators saved the day.

Here’s intelligence you’re not getting in the happy talk press:

1.  In Birmingham, guess how many operators covered the recent tornadoes there?  I think you’ll be floored.

2.  Here’s the truth about what stations had on the air in the middle of the most deadly tornadoes in decades.   Don’t even try to guess.

3.  In Joplin, MO, guess what was on the air when the tornado was in the air ready to touch down.   It’s unbelievable.

4.  Who are two of the best local broadcasters on the planet?  Can you name even one?

5.  How close has radio come to ignoring disastrous events such as tornadoes and what are the political ramifications if they continue.

6.  What 5 strategies can help you turn a disaster into a celebration of radio – but there is little margin for error.  This is the most valuable game plan you may ever get .

7The best advice I have ever heard from the legendary Drake program director Paul Drew – the guy who made his jocks play 15 hits in a row -- about compelling local news events.  It is still the gold standard.

Plus… David DuBose, the Birmingham Market Manager who is getting all the kudos for Cox coverage, reveals his secret.  You’ll want to save this.

This article is a shocking special report on how close radio is to real disaster and how to prevent it at your station.

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