The Sale of TuneIn

  1. It appears one or more radio-related companies may be interested in buying TuneIn streaming music service – here are the potential contenders.
  2. The acquisition of TuneIn could instantly turn one of a handful of radio-only companies around on a dime – here’s why.
  3. SiriusXM just now closed on its acquisition of Pandora, a much larger player than TuneIn – now could SiriusXM be a serious bidder for TuneIn?
  4. Entercom took possession of in the CBS merger – are they in for TuneIn?
  5. Doomsday scenario – if this radio buyer winds up with TuneIn it could be lights out for Cumulus’ digital hopes and a total disruption of the radio industry – here’s why that’s a real possibility.

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