The Return of Live & Local

Entercom, Cumulus and iHeart’s recent decision to regionalize and nationalize programming to save money is going to be the end of any vestiges of live and local radio.

Other groups are sure to accelerate replacing local talent with out of market solutions dealing a suicidal blow to the radio industry.

Smaller markets could also use the savings from syndicated programming solutions because all radio groups are suffering from the coronavirus economy not just the major operators.

Except, if you knew what some of the smaller, more independent owners are going to do because, honestly, they have no other choice – you would be wondering if the big three consolidators aren’t about to walk into a fatal trap of their own making.

With all these cost savings by debt-ridden consolidators, we’re starting to get a look at how other operators are going to respond by taking advantage of this gift to reject local content that iHeart, Entercom and Cumulus dropped in their laps in markets where they compete

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