The Race To Get Out of Music Radio

Not Bonneville!

They just dumped 11 people and a music format in Phoenix to simulcast their AM sports station on FM.

And CBS and others have been exiting AM for FM and in many cases music for talk for the past few years now.  What’s up with that?


Should you consider getting out of music radio if the availability and popularity of streaming music services continues to grow?

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  1. When and under what circumstances an FM station should drop music and move on.
  2. Strong evidence that music radio can still beat competing streaming music services in numbers and revenue.  But a fix will be necessary – these 2 “like new” adjustments.
  3. The case study of a determined broadcaster who is having his way with streaming music services – not the other way around! 
  4. Oh no!  Sports and news is now on the clock and see why it doesn’t matter whether it’s on AM or FM – it’s only a matter of time for even these staple formats.  Still want to switch?
  5. Secretive, silent and shameful -- What no one talks about, advertisers who bolt when stations dump music.  This example even scares me!

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