The Price iHeart Workers Will Pay For $20.5 Billion In Debt

Rich and Bob told their employees: “2014 was a phenomenal year of transformation and growth for our company”.


A half billion more of debt; their five biggest markets that control a third of their income tanked; outdoor was put up for sale, the tower real estate sold; they dumped their 50% interest in the Australian Radio Network and may do yet another debt posting to make owners Lee & Bain whole.

Phenomenal is right – for them, not you and certainly not radio.

What will happen right after they complete their current 33% reduction in workforce?

Which job will be eliminated the most during the next 12 months.

Bob and Rich’s new philosophy on sales commissions.

Why the biggest disaster for any programmer who cares about their listeners was iHeart’s hiring of Jacor dirty tricks artist Marc Chase. And how much power does he have anyway?

What is Plan B if the debt keeps climbing this year like it did last.

And what are their plans for finally selling some markets to raise cash.

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