The Next Deathblow To Talk Radio

Michael Smerconish is leaving a sinking ship – he was whipped by Merlin’s fledgling Philly FM station and now he’s escaping to the greener pastures of satellite radio.

Talk radio is in deep trouble.

Get ready for not one but two new deathblows headed straight at talk radio – and they are all self-inflicted wounds.

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  1. Talk radio audiences are about to be even more undercounted.  I’ll fill you in on the latest.
  2. Some talk stations have huge online listening numbers – why is this turning out to be a big problem.
  3. But wait – Nielsen’s proposed purchase of Arbitron and plan to count digital listening is actually a fraud in the making.
  4. Which one radio group that is doing more to hurt talk radio than any other.  The answer may surprise you.
  5. Two sure things that will fix talk radio ratings but would you believe the major talk operators are doing the exact opposite.  Believe it.
  6. How long does talk radio like this have left.

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