The Next Big Thing

Custom content for a type of social media that is beginning to come of age.

Facebook is over as oldsters embrace it and teens run from it.

Radio is hopelessly trying to push broadcasting in a world that wants on-demand content.

And the music industry is a mess because no one has come up with a viable alternative to the record album.  

You want to be in the custom content business.

Audio, video, text and social networking.

Short-form audio that is delivered digitally to smartphones for users to mashup and consume on-demand. 

Video under 2 minutes (I recommend no more than 1:30).

Text that isn’t a news article but concisely and creatively written that cuts to the chase.

The big change will come in social media and I’m going to write about this sometime this week for our group.

Big social networks where everyone is a member are on its way out (Facebook, Twitter, et al).

The thing of the future is smaller, local networks that are built around live interaction – you’ll actually have to know the person or at least have them trust you enough to give you their cell phone number.

This is a business you want to be in – now, not later.

With radio’s ability to create content, what’s missing is a plan that does not involve only programming on the air.

It hurts to say it but audiences don’t need broadcasting when they are now accustomed to getting what they want on-demand.

At my upcoming conference in Philadelphia, let’s talk about this great opportunity.

Here’s the curriculum for what should be an inspirational day working together. 

2014 Media Solutions Conference