The New Music Format Radio Ignores

Is country the hot new format for radio?

I’ll give you that answer – no

It already was. 

So Cumulus arrived late to that party and you may remember tried to end the party with a political controversy over the Dixie Chicks.

Radio continues to cling to the same old formats and wonders why the money demo isn’t going wild for radio.

But there is hope and help.

Millennials who make up two-thirds of the 18-49 year old demo over the next decade have some new music demands that radio can easily meet.

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  1. What’s the one new music genre that is not on radio’s radar screen and should be – in fact, it had better be to stay relevant with the increasingly important Millennials.
  2. What should radio do without totally trashing its current formats?
  3. One clever programming plan that would please the People Meter ratings and Millennials at the same time.     
  4. The critical hot button for Millennials that every music station cannot afford to ignore.
  5. The key mistake to avoid with a music-centric generation that radio needs to win over.

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