The Last Days of All-News Radio

You give CBS 22 minutes and they’ll cut your news stations resources.

The last of the great radio formats is in a race to the bottom.

At great risk is their moneymaking machine all-news radio.

Not just for CBS, but it can bring down other formats if it continues to decline.

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  1. How WTOP winds up the top billing radio station in the country when everyone else is dumbing down all-news.
  2. The scary sh#t CBS is doing to dumb down and cutback on its top revenue producing news stations.
  3. The CBS all-newser can’t even get a 1 share competing against WTOP in DC – have they all of a sudden gotten dumb?
  4. What Radio One did wrong in its failed 3-year attempt to do all-news in Houston – another one bites the dust.
  5. The almost impossible CBS all-news playbook going forward.

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