The Growing Popularity of Remixed Music

Younger radio audiences have long wanted more control over the music.

Radio people translated that to mean, these listeners want to choose which songs are being played on the air.  But that couldn’t be further from reality.

Millennials who, after all, are the core audience radio stations must appeal to if they want to remain a vibrant business, have seized control of about everything they have gotten their hands on.

But the growing popularity of remixes and playlists is making what radio has to offer even less attractive than the 16 plus minutes of commercials they squeeze into their hourly formats.

There are now a number of new solutions for radio stations:

  1. Curated playlists by a new kind of dj that is on the air for only one hour a day – how this works.
  2. Eclectic tracks from the past – just how far back is safe to go?
  3. How to shift genres, something Millennials love and now you’ll know how to do it within your present format.
  4. Where does sampling parts of hit songs belong on the radio station of the future.

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