The FM Chip Dumbphone

It’s just 60 days away.

Participating stations must cough up millions of dollars to one cellphone carrier in advertising trade for the next few years to get their FM chip activated.

Now, the return on investment.

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  1. Does the FM smartphone chip have a chance of turning a cellphone into a radio and increasing overall listening?  Even a slim chance?  You may be surprised.
  2. What’s the maximum increase in radio listening that can be expected once a station activates its FM chip according to results elsewhere?  We now know the accurate number.
  3. What broadcasters should be fighting for – a fight that could bring them even more listening on cellphones and other devices even faster and attract younger listeners.  But they’re not.
  4. What local stations can do to maximize a return on investment for their FM chip radios.
  5. Finally!  If the FM chip fails to deliver, this is the one thing every radio station must do to remain relevant with younger audiences.

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