The Dangerous New iHeart Employee Survey

I saw a radio trade quote an unnamed iHeart employee as saying nothing terrible happened the last time Bain did one of these surveys so maybe this time workers will be willing to speak up.

There is a big price for participating in a “voluntary” survey that local managers are pressured by corporate to make mandatory.

A lot of chutzpah for a company that is $20.5 billion in debt and selling off outdoor, tower real estate, the satellite operations, 50% interest in The Australian Radio Network and likely some radio stations.

With bankruptcy on the table! Are they kidding?

There were two major layoffs last year alone and thousands fired since the last Clear Channel Employee Survey.

  • What does iHeart really want from this employee survey.
  • Can what you say in this new survey be used against employees.
  • Throwback to the last one: how many managers were either disciplined or forced to take sensitivity training when employees complained about them.
  • What happens if you don’t take the test.
  • What were the real repercussions and benefits the last time – and what’s likely this time once iHeart tallies the results.
  • The biggest disadvantage of volunteering to take the questionnaire.

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