The Cumulus Talent Dump

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  • Why if you’re a talent working for Cumulus, you’re in big trouble right now.
  • What really happened to put a smile on Imus’ face while he was being fired.
  • The precarious status of WPLJ’s Todd & Jayde, KLOS, LA’s Heidi & Frank, KNBR, San Fran’s Murph & Mac, Lamont & Tonelli at The Bone in SF, Jack Diamond at WRQX, DC and the Nash morning show.
  • Will board president Jeff Marcus save his favorite talent from being fired or cut.
  • Who is safe – actually bulletproof – from Cumulus contract breaking.
  • Why these cutbacks are happening now when Cumulus isn’t paying bills in a long bankruptcy – what’s up with that?
  • Why this talent dump is ironically spotlighting how Cumulus does not pay women equally to what men make – the proof.

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