The CBS Radio Surprise Suitors


We all may be looking in the wrong place for the next CBS Radio station buyers.

They are right in front of our eyes but we tend to see the desperate buyers like Entercom’s David Field instead maybe because he’s so blatantly desperate to grow.

Imagine that, growing a radio group with all the debt it entails in an industry that is doing nothing but contracting.

And the destabilization that is about to come will uproot good operators who are still trying to fight these incompetents who are driving down ad rates and forcing market changes even on them.

  • Who are 2 surprise radio buyers for CBS Radio that nobody ever mentions even though they could be CBS employees’ next boss.
  • How CBS will accommodate greedy suckers who have their eyes on certain specific CBS local markets. Yes, there’s a strategy for that, too.
  • What’s more attractive to Les Moonves than even money in unloading the entire radio division – understand this and you’ve got it.
  • Details on the destabilization of the radio industry that will happen when buyers overreach to add prime properties that they plan to strip to the core.

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