The 2016 New Radio Conference Topics

Reserve a seat at my April 6th New Radio Conference in Philadelphia to deal with these emerging issues:

  • How To Do a Millennial Radio Makeover to Reach More 18-34’s.
  • How To Make Your Station’s Budget in Just 6 Hours of Airtime Daily.
  • How To Better Monetize 7pm-5am.
  • What To Do About Podcasting.
  • How To Finally Make Money on Digital.
  • Commercials Even Young Millennials Cannot Resist.
  • How To Handle the Growing Trend of Gender Neutrality.
  • Why User-Generated Content is Radio’s Most Dangerous Competitor.
  • Dealing With Ever-Shortening Attention Spans.
  • How Radio Can Create Binge Content Like Netflix That Audiences Are Demanding.
  • Explore New Forms of Revenue Such as Subscriptions and Product Placement (“mentions”).
  • What To Do With 75 Million Baby Boomers.
  • The 3 On-Air Prizes That Will Make an Audience Addicted to Radio.
  • How Music Radio Can Compete With Free Streaming Music Services.
  • Learn How to Talk to Your Audience the Way You Tweet.
  • How To Finally Make Money on Digital
  • Getting Fair Credit For the Audience That Nielsen Is Missing (Richard Harker & Sean Hannity present a study about how much audience is being lost by ratings services and what to do about it).
  • What Real Millennial Listeners Want From Radio Stations (Former Cox & CBS programmer Dan Mason presents a long list of changes audiences demand).

I can’t wait to continue the conversation with you face to face.

Not available by streaming, audio or video.

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