The 2013 Media Solutions Lab Agenda

There are only a few seats left to this outstanding conference – reserve a seat here.

The fourth Media Solutions Lab begins Wednesday, January 30 at The Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, AZ and it will not be videotaped or recorded for later sale.

If your schedule allows you to make it, you will not be sorry.

The seminar leader is Jerry Del Colliano, recognized expert in traditional and digital media.  Visiting instructors are:  Morley Winograd, co-author of “Millennial Makeover” and “Millennial Momentum:  How a New Generation Is Remaking America” and Dan Hill, President of Sensory Logic, the company that has helped successful radio stations like Jerry Lee’s B-101, Philadelphia create more effective advertising.

Here is the agenda and some helpful information as you prepare for the event.

Wednesday, January 30th Ballroom B

8:00 am         Registration/Breakfast

9:00 am         Emerging Trends for 2013 (Jerry Del Colliano)

10:15 am        Break

10:30 am       Disrupt the Media Business/Master Digital (Jerry Del Colliano)

11:45 am        Lunch

1:00 pm         A Dozen Ideas for Succeeding With Millennials (Morley Winograd)

1:45 pm          Break

2:00 pm         Facial Coding/Emotion Recognition (Dan Hill)

2:45 pm          Break

3:00 pm         Action Steps/Q&A (Jerry Del Colliano)

4:00 pm         Conclusion of Day 1

Thursday, January 31st Il Terrazzo Salon & Patio
Optional Working Breakfast (Separate Registration required)

8:00 am         Registration/Breakfast

9:00 am         Big Ideas/Discoveries/New Business Opportunities

11:00 am       Conclusion of 2013 Media Solutions Lab

A few notes in preparation for the meeting:

  1. Dress is casual – the weather should be around 70 by day and in the 40’s at night.
  2. This is a learning event and there are no sponsors nor has anyone paid a fee to speak. 
  3. Complimentary breakfast, lunch and breaks are included in your registration.  Refreshments will remain in the room during the program.
  4. The sessions are fast moving and they start and end on time. 
  5. There are no materials in preparation for this conference, however, Jerry’s notes, slides and some interesting source material will be made available through Google Drive after the meeting limited to those who have attended.
  6. This conference will not be streamed or taped for sale later.  Recording this event by participants is prohibited.
  7. The working breakfast with Jerry requires a separate registration.  Please contact Cheryl Del Colliano if you would like to reserve a seat (480) 998-9898 or
  8. A few dining suggestions:  My favorite burger place in the world is Relish, on site at the Phoenician.  Get the tater tots with the meal.  My radio buddies here and I love that place.  Favorite restaurant is Roka Akor for sushi and Asian fusion (480-306-8800).  I’m hearing Chelsea’s Kitchen, also nearby, is new and outstanding (602-957-2555).

Content Preview:

Among the topics to be discussed in the Media Solutions Lab Wednesday: 

How bandwidth issues will affect content providers; the radical changes ahead this year for hit music; what is becoming more important than ratings or even metrics; what Apple plans to do to disrupt content providers in the next 12 months (with product launch projections); Adapting content for tablets; the real or perceived threat of subscription services; major radio upheaval ahead in 2013 and how to deal with it; digital prospects for reach and revenue; Groupon’s anticipated next move; latest research on new attention spans that must be your guide for on-air and digital and the one business you must be in – and dominate – by December. 

How To Disrupt the Media Business & Master Digital:

The most innovative new streaming music radio station idea ever; the startling thing that happens to advertisers when you use two voices in their ads; The end of radio formats and the beginning of cross media branding; how to attract young listeners by giving them the one thing they really crave; the change you must make to music formats before the year arrives; how to rename your terrestrial radio station and cash in; Finally, what to do with your website that isn’t making lots of money; a better use for your top air personality; the growing importance of games and contests; A truly new use for your radio station; replace the “hot clock” with the “cool clock”; how to build content pods; How to replace Facebook; how often should you make a format change in the digital age; the best solution for stop sets ever; the new thinking about music sweeps; a huge way to beat the People Meter at its own game; the biggest favor a competitor can do for you; the way to win the money demos has changed; if you can afford to do only one thing well on a radio station, make it this.

Action Steps:

30 action steps – things you should consider implementing or brainstorming when you return home from this year’s Media Solutions Lab. 

Big Ideas/Discoveries/New Business Opportunities Thursday

Innovative new ideas that will change you and the way you think of content creation; latest discoveries in media that are ahead of the curve; new business opportunities for innovative stations or entrepreneurs looking for the next best thing; work with Jerry and the group on extracting the media lessons from this year’s conference to customize it for your specific needs.

Thank you again for choosing Media Solutions Lab in a critical year ahead for content creators.

I’m excited about being with you.

There are only a few seats left to this outstanding conference – reserve a seat here.