Take This Country Music and Shove It

Cumulus CEO Lew “Tricky” Dickey is at it again.

His half radio station in New York “Nash FM” is the biggest thing since ESPN in the world of brands – or should I say in the fantasy of his mind.

A 1.6 first book rating with a signal that doesn’t cover the city but I hear it booms into Newark for all those long lost country lovers there.

The hype.

The deals.

Why, it’s enough to make rival Clear Channel CEO Bob Pittman wet – you know, tearful.

Dickey is playing with us.

New York doesn’t need a country station (as preceding radio operators found out).

“Nash FM” is not a brand.  It’s an excuse for something to sell advertisers – not even radio.

But there’s a lot of dirty doings going on behind the scenes that people don’t know about.

And it has to do with the record business where there appears to be some serious shenanigans going on.

Fake numbers.


It’s embarrassing if not questionably legal.

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