Swapping Colbert for Letterman

Will it work?

If getting young succeeds for late night television, is it an option for aging talk radio or morning personalities who are closer to 65 than 35?

What people are missing is that CBS President Les Moonves is way ahead of them on this.

Study Moonves’ appointment of Colbert to replace Letterman and see the future of radio, too.

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  1. The one tactic that will never work – even though late night shows aren’t getting the message and radio should avoid it.
  2. What is the only hope for stemming the decline of younger audiences for television and radio.
  3. Is younger talent the way to go for radio as well?
  4. How does the growing passion for on-demand affect Colbert, Fallon and Kimmel because even radio will have to deal with the demand for on-demand.
  5. How long do radio talk shows have left before they are all but gone.  How about late night TV shows.  Count the years here.

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