Stronger Digital for Radio

Jerry Lee doesn’t do any streaming of his number one music station MoreFM in Philadelphia.

And yet his More FM is the market’s revenue leader.

Apparently Lee is not leaving any money on the table by shutting off the streaming to concentrate on better radio.

And he spends tons of money in research and helping on-air advertisers.

The question is how much digital does radio need to do today to keep revenue figures up?

And what digital projects are a waste of money and which one is the best place to concentrate your efforts.

Digital is being used by the majority of stations as a way of discounting their on-air rates and that doesn’t sound like smart business!

Some of the best operators – the smaller, independent groups – have reimagined their stations for the digital age. Some even threw out the old rules and disrupted their radio stations.

We need to study stations that grow audience and increase revenue – many do, but not enough. And these owners have a different mindset.

No station brings in significant digital revenue, which begs the question why are we continuing to do the same old things that don’t work?

Stronger digital means developing a separate stream of revenue from digital projects that can pay off not an extension of what is on the air.

Like short-form video.

Not cameras aimed at morning show personalities.

Not air talent forced to make content the way they do at Townsquare.

A separate digital track that compliments and never hurts what’s on the air.

Imagine the revenue that can be derived from stronger stations that throw out the old rules and attract new audiences and strong digital profits from the number one thing money demos crave – short-form video.

I can hardly wait to share this new intelligence with you.

My March 18th Philly conference is focusing on 7 critical things that will help make you a better broadcaster and an innovative, shrewd digital entrepreneur.

  1. Specific ways to balance the need for numerous commercials with good principles of radio programming and to disrupt the way we do radio before our digital competitors do it.
  2. Methods to master digital as a second stream of revenue alongside broadcasting.       Things like replacing your website with something better, eliminating podcasts and make money with storytelling and a cost-effective easy way to put your brand on every smartphone in your market without having to stream your station – just to mention a few.
  3. The nuts and bolts of starting your station’s own social media network independent of Facebook, Twitter and the next flash in the pan. From there, how to grow your fan base.
  4. A well-defined strategy to change the sound and on-air approach of your radio station for the digital age one coordinate at a time. You won’t want this to get in the hands of a competitor, for sure.
  5. What you need to know about starting your own radio station video business – one that will be unlike anything you have ever seen, will not need salespeople to unlock the revenue potential and that will more than make up for any on-air advertising shortfalls you may run into this year. I’ll show you video examples and reveal winning game plans. And it can all be recorded economically and professionally on an iPhone 6!
  6. From my work as a USC professor in the area of generational media: the critical Millennial checklist. The latest updated research about what the next generation must have in order to listen to radio in the digital age. This is what I use as my business bible and after all, I started a subscription pay site that nobody said would work on the Internet.  Thousands of subscribers later, I can thank following this all-important Millennial checklist. What they want from you. On-air content you are not giving them that they would love.  A never before aired “contest” that would enthrall them and breed loyalty.
  7. The best ways to deal with short-attention spans – so short, that most music listeners under the age of 35 now do not listen all the way through any song. Since music radio formats are based on the assumption that if they play the right songs, audiences will listen – this changes everything. Advances in the way we present music. Desired ways to introduce more music discovery.

This event will not be available by stream or video – only live and in person for the 6th year in a row.

I can’t wait to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with you in Philly March 18th just one month from now.

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