Steal These Shrewd Moves From Apple

1. Make paid look free

So Tim Cook gets up and surprises everyone by making the very latest Mac operating system available for free – immediately.  All cool things, all the time for free.

Pretty shrewd considering Apple also announced two new refreshes for tablets – a new slimmer and lighter iPad and for the first time Retina Display on iPad Mini.  Keep in mind the knock on Apple at least as far as Wall Street is concerned is that they have so much profit built into their products that the prices are needlessly high.

Free obscures needlessly expensive so all everyone is talking about today is that Apple is giving away its latest and greatest Mac OS for free.

2.  Transitioning from disrupter to interrupter

In radio, when a station took off in the ratings, it would eventually peak, decline a bit and then stay in a range for years (or decades if the station was skillful and lucky not to have major competitors).  They would take the market by storm, make the competitor seem stale and incompetent and steal the audience.