Spotify On the Brink

The record labels made Spotify and now they’re killing it. 

Monumental change is happening right now that is redefining radio’s role in music without helping digital streaming media services help replace lost music revenue.

It’s worse than that.

There’s no way out.

Wait until you see this new, critical information about subscribers, revenue and licensing fees.

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  1. How much of Spotify’s revenue goes to music licensing fees.
  2. What’s the sweet spot for Millennials, a consumer group necessary to the growth of the music business, for paying streaming music services like Spotify.
  3. What’s the most important feature a streaming music service must have?
  4. How radio’s demise as a hitmaker among Millennials is actually weakening the negotiating position of record labels in licensing issues.
  5. How YouTube could kill radio, Spotify AND the music industry – it’s no joke.

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