Solving Radio’s Biggest Problems

  1. What to Do with 75 Million Baby Boomers.  All the focus is on young 18-34 money demos. Ignore baby boomers, target them or what?  There are 83 million Millennials, but there are still 75 million baby boomers.  What to do?
  2. Is it Even Possible to Win 18-34 Millennials to Radio?  They get most everything they need through apps and social media except for these things which radio should jump on.
  3. If So, How to do a Millennial Radio Makeover.  Former Cox and CBS programmer Dan Mason will join me to rattle off a list of changes stations must make to appeal to younger audiences.  Warning: It’s a big list.
  4. How Music Radio Can Compete with Streaming Services.
  5. The 3 On-Air Prizes That Will Make an Audience Addicted to Radio.  This is a generation of gamers.  And these 2 contests will hook them perhaps for years. You certainly don’t want your competitor to do them.
  6. Blow Up Your Station and Build a Content Model.  Further tinkering with radio formats isn’t working, morphing into the content business will.
  7. How to Handle the Growing Trend Toward Gender Neutrality.
  8. Finally Fix That 8-Minute Stop Set.  Keep running them and keep pushing audiences away.  But there are new options.
  9. How to Talk to Audiences the Way You Tweet.  Air talent is more fascinating on their Twitter pages than on the air.  How to start changing the very important way your station speaks to listeners.
  10. Why User Generated Content is Radio’s Most Dangerous Competitor. Listeners want to be your PD.  Let them.  Ideas.
  11. Dealing with Ever-Shortening Attention Spans. No listener today listens to a song all the way through. What to do?
  12. How to Make the Station’s Budget in Just 6 Hours of Air Time.  Content that deserves premium rates.
  13. What to do with 7pm – 5 am.  Low radio listening time gives you nothing to lose by adopting these innovations we will outline.
  14. How to Finally Make Money on Digital.  Enough with the websites, apps and add-ons.
  15. What to do About Podcasting.
  16. Exploring New Forms of Revenue Such as Subscriptions and Product Placement.
  17. How Radio Can Create Binge Content That Audiences Are Demanding. Binging is not just for Netflix anymore.
  18. Getting Fair Credit for the Audience You Really Attract in PPM.       Researcher Richard Harker and Premiere Talk Show Host Sean Hannity join Jerry live and in-person.  Harker reveals the huge audience loss Hannity’s show took in a major market research project he conducted when Nielsen PPM was compared to Voltair. Which other formats are punished by existing PPM technology?  Is Nielsen’s Voltair alternative the answer – and is everything good again? Attendees will join the discussion.
  19. Someday Radio May Not Exist, How to Plan for the Future

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