Solutions To Radio’s Commercial Clutter

The problem: good radio stations are being forced to cut their rates to remain competitive on buys because of desperate radio groups forcing stations to run more, cheaper commercials.

The result is unlistenable long commercial stop sets that sound like they are two or three times longer because so many short spots are being sold and included in stop sets often as long as 8-minutes every half hour.

To make matters worse, PPM “experts” have everyone fooled into thinking that limiting these stop sets to twice an hour in strategic quarter hour locations will soften the blow and actually help stations win more quarter hour listening.

Just look at the ratings to see this strategy doesn’t work.

Even if stations technically get credit for extra quarter hours by strategic placement of these commercial dumps – at what price when they alienate listeners instead of create passionate fans.

Growing commercial clutter is a serious problem.

It doesn't matter how local you are, how popular your personalities are or how great your music is. There is no getting around the deleterious effects of widespread commercial clutter.

Protect yourself with the latest information that will be presented at the Media Solutions Conference in Philly in three weeks.

You’ll discover everything you need to know, like:

  • Why one type of commercial is a tune-in when most others invite immediate tune-out.
  • The thing you can put in the middle of commercial stop sets that will force listening to continue.
  • Why experts now say more frequent stop sets are actually an advantage for today’s attention-deficit audiences.
  • 2 things you can do that will increase the effectiveness of commercials when you have some over producing it. In fact, listeners forget to leave the station when they hear these kinds of spots.
  • How to lower your risk of alienating audiences even if you lose them to overly long stop sets.
  • What one thing listeners hate even more than a radio station’s commercials? Is that possible? It sure is and 100% of all radio stations do this. You’ll discover what not to do.
  • The latest, most advanced ways to schedule commercial clusters by daypart with an eye toward reducing tune-out.
  • The results of actual station experiments when they made drastic reductions in commercial units aired per hour.
  • Information on whether it helps to position your station’s commercial limiting moves on-air.  
  • The word you must never say on the air because it makes listeners go bye-bye.
  • How to improve tune-out by 30% and increase billing by 15% – helping advertisers make their commercials more effective. Remember, commercials can be a bigger attraction.  Think about TV spots on Super Bowl Sunday. Viewers watch for the commercials. The radio stations that have figured this out are number one in ratings and billing in their markets.

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