SiriusXM’s Aggressive Expansion Plans

In the early 90’s – just ahead of consolidation – radio executives were suspicious of the two satellite radio monopolies authorized by the feds.

They thought pay radio with a no-commercial option could really hurt them.

It tuned out they were worried about the wrong thing.

Sirius merged with XM and somehow CEO Mel Karmazin talked the DOJ into believing that this wasn’t a monopoly and Liberty rescued Mel just before they showed him the door.

Satellite radio is a good cash flow business that no one under 45 will continue to pay for and they know it.

They have aggressive expansion plans that specifically target terrestrial radio.

  • What are their plans for iHeart?
  • What’s the present status of their move to control iHeart stations? Is it definite?
  • Who will run all the assets?
  • The untold disruption ahead as a satellite company also runs a terrestrial radio group for the first time – some examples.
  • What happens to iHeart’s 850+ stations under SiriusXM – a preview.
  • What other acquisitions is SiriusXM eying?

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