SiriusXM Changes

While John Malone is waiting for the synergies that will come from owning iHeart, SiriusXM, Live Nation and Pandora, SiriusXM appears to be in for lots of changes ahead of any successful merger.

SiriusXM is run by Jim Meyer currently.

During the year ahead while Malone’s Liberty Media tries to takeover iHeart in bankruptcy, Meyer will direct SiriusXM that may have an expanded role once a merger is completed.

For now, there is plenty of change for the future of SiriusXM.  

  • No new Sirius radios are being manufactured or being installed– They are considered the inferior technology to the one XM subscribers have so Ford, Chrysler and Mercedes-Benz vehicles are getting SiriusXM receivers which are actually XM radios. They are considered far superior to the Sirius system and have greater flexibility for change when needed.  There will be no replacement for existing Sirius radios.  John Malone is rich but he’s not going to spring for that.
  • Strategy for dealing with resistant Millennials who won’t subscribe to satellite radio
  • Top management shakeup by the end of the year
  • Ad revenue vs. the subscription model
  • What former CEO Mel Karmazin threatened to do to shake up the revenue stream and why Mel is turning out to be right. 

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