Shocker: Time Spent Listening To Radio in Free Fall

An industry source close to the situation says radio time spent listening is in “rapid and drastic decline” – that’s a quote.

Now we know why radio groups have been recently trying to deceive advertisers about troubling audience erosion that they are trying to keep secret. 

Trumped up research studies.  A media buyer’s bash.  Even a Rod Stewart concert to say it isn’t so.

1.  How widespread is the time spent listening decline? 

2.  How long has TSL been declining this badly? 

3.  Which format is immune – talk, news or music? 

4.  How big is the decline year to year? 

5.  The one type of listener to target who is still listening like it’s 1999.

6.  How low one group just went to deceive advertisers. 

Plus, two proven strategies to reverse the continuing time spent listening decline that most stations overlook.

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