Shakeup: Cumulus November to Remember

The $260 million deal was announced Friday.

Today, Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey turned to the happy talk trade press – All Access this time – to spin it.

Meanwhile, financial analysts think he has put Cumulus in worse shape financially.

Now he has to make massive firings to cover his tracks.

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  1. Big top management change coming at Cumulus.  Big.
  2. The amount of money Cumulus plans to save when the Dial Glo-bull deal closes – that’s right, save – meaning a massive firing event is part of the deal.
  3. Now we know more about the Cumulus plan to get bigger in bigger markets.
  4. Lew’s backhanded public way of confirming game on for a CBS Radio purchase.
  5. Plus, the question no one ever answers: “What’s wrong with Nash FM and how will your new syndication division market a losing brand?”

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