Secret Lew Dickey Employee Meeting Revealed

The Tricky One is on the road visiting markets and talking to employees in private behind closed doors.

Unfortunately as much as Super Lew tries to keep his employees bound and gagged, many wind up leaving these meetings feeling dirty.

Lew’s Magical Mystery Tour is coming to take them away.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could know what Dickey actually tells the people in his underperforming company to motivate them.

Does he walk on hot coals? Or make them walk on hot coals?

Well, thanks to our Witness Protection Program, which protects whistleblowers from having their genitals cut off, we can now tear away the veil of secrecy and bring you Lew Dickey revealed.

Dickey unplugged at the Cumulus Fresno cluster Wednesday.

  • Let’s get to the good stuff – how Lew really feels about Les Moonves and CBS Radio in candid remarks to employees.
  • Cumulus is not a radio company – here’s what he said Cumulus is in his own words.
  • On live and local radio.
  • What Dickey thinks is the disease Bob Pittman has.
  • Mouthing off about iHeart’s $20.5 billion debt issue and what he said about Cumulus’ own debt.
  • Lew’s delusional plan to be debt-free and when.
  • His latest thoughts on the hated CRM software for sales called Engage.
  • “Don't feel like we are against you, it's not Atlanta versus the markets” – an eyewitness account that only Dr. Phil could analyze.
  • The number one quality Lew is looking for in salespeople and it’s not likeability – in the words of a Cumulus employee who attended the secret meeting.

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