Seattle Execution the New Model for Clear Channel

Lisa Decker was decked by Clear Channel yesterday.

And the regional guy probably didn’t even know who he was announcing as her replacement because as I’ve been warning, the rules are changing.

Another a-hole from New York is how their employees tend to look at these things.

But Seattle was no accident and in fact is the model for more top management changes Bob Pittman plans to make.

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  1. Why if you’re a damn good executive who makes her or his numbers, you’re a marked manager ripe for replacement.
  2. Who Pittman is trying to put in place for major markets and why.
  3. Why suddenly all the urgency – fast strikes, regionals left out of the decision making process.  What does it mean?
  4. What’s Pittman’s apparent preference for New Yorkers all about?
  5. Details on their new strategy of hiring consulting firms to recommend who gets axed and who replaces them.  And this is the company that will pay big fees for this but not let its executives travel last November and December to save money.
  6. Take the test!  What is the description of the person Clear Channel is now looking for as a manager.

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