Scott Shannon Backstabbing Details Revealed

WCBS-FM, New York announces Scott Shannon today.

And another ex-employee that Cumulus didn’t value comes back to haunt them.

But what isn’t commonly known is that Shannon got knifed in the back.

It’s a dirty story that serves as a warning for anyone working for Cumulus.

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  1. Who stabbed Shannon in the back to oust him from his WPLJ morning show.  We name him.
  2. What were they thinking – the station other than WPLJ that Cumulus wanted to put Shannon on – a hilarious attempt to keep him from competing against them.
  3. If you’re ever negotiating with Cumulus, look what Shannon got them to do before he left.  Take notes.
  4. How the human wrecking ball himself John Dickey plans to beat Elvis Duran on Z100.
  5. What about those rumors that Shannon was going to WOR as a talk show host?

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